Who is it aimed at?

Through the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH), the European Commission has wanted to create a network of branches dedicated to supporting public organizations and private individuals in the knowledge and experimentation of technologies that can help them in digital transformation.

Consistent with the intentions of the European Commission, I-NEST services - in quality of Italian EDIH - are aimed mainly at businesses and also at the public sector Local administration.

With reference to the production system, I-NEST is aimed at Micro, Small and Medium Companies from all production sectors located throughout Italy; the services of I-NEST also targets entrepreneurs and workers interested in training courses updating and professional growth or looking for new ideas and models business.

With reference to the public sector, I-NEST relates in particular to local authorities such as municipalities, provinces, regions, with the aim of encouraging modernization processes in the provision of their services to the community, but also of stimulate networking, cooperation and knowledge transfer activities between public sector, the world of research and private investors.

I-NEST services are provided on an open, transparent and non-discriminatory basis.